Talk about cutting down to the wire!… The LA premiere at the Indian Film Festival is tomorrow and we’ve just printed Kavi to film. Went to Deluxe film lab today to check our final 35mm print… it was an amazing experience. It was absolutely incredible to see 2 1/2 years of work finally projected on film. It looked beautiful, the surround sound was engulfing and I was filled with all kinds of emotions.

The whole room was a buzz afterward, and it was only a handful of us… it was so neat to hear the three Deluxe guys say how much they enjoyed the screening & they had already seen it three times! I couldn’t help hugging & giving high fives… I walked outside with Brandon Griffith (additional sound editing), and as we talked about how awesome it was to finally see & hear Kavi in its full glory, I started tearing up… I couldn’t hold back. Tears of joy. What a ride it has been.