Wow! it has been an absolute whirlwind since last week…but the results are in and Kavi won the Gold medal at the Student Academy Awards!! The Academy packed days leading up to the ceremony full of all kinds of meetings, dinners & events with Academy members, The Writers Guild of America (WGA), The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) and the Academy Board of Governors (will write more about these amazing experiences)… it was such a magical and surreal experience that these filmmakers I’ve always admired are telling me how much they enjoyed “Kavi”! Many¬† said they had no idea slavery was so pervasive and they were really touched by the story.

Then at the awards ceremony and Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight, The Professional, etc) presented me the gold medal at the award at the ceremony. Couldn’t have been a sweeter icing on the cake!! Thanks to all who have been so supportive!

Here are some fun photos from the evening:

Here’s an unbelievable review… my jaw dropped: and the follow up:

A Daily Trojan article… it’s kind of accurate:

More soon!