“Kavi tugs at the heartstrings” – Entertainment Weekly

“Remarkably incisive and moving.” – The Los Angeles Times

“… a highly sophisticated and gripping film. Helvey is a director to watch.” – Randal Kleiser, Director of Grease

“Helvey takes Kavi on a clear journey, from innocent kid to disillusioned rebel to slightly hopeful survivor” – The Huffington Post

“I was stunned by the realism of Kavi… the film was moving, heartbreaking, and even beautiful.”   -Kevin Tent, editor of Sideways, Election, and Blow

“Beautifully shot, perfectly paced and with a powerful performance from Sagar Salunke (as Kavi), this film is completely engrossing from start to finish” – Film Every Day

“We had over 150 in attendance at Buy Art Not People and raised almost $2000 to combat modern slavery. “Kavi” was absolutely the right choice to wrap all of our other presentations around.  In the midst of statistics and action steps “Kavi” provided the heart connection, making real and personal the stories of slavery our presenters could only reference.  Thank you to the entire Kavi Team.”- The BANP Team- www.buyartnotpeople.org

“One of the highlights of the Middle East International Film Festival.”   -Khaleej Times, UAE

“Told unflinchingly, in hues of blazing orange, “Kavi”… is both art and a rattling bulletin about human slavery occurring worldwide.” -Chris Garcia, American-Statesman Film Critic

“Kavi is rich in its narrative and characters” – The Stamford Advocate

“”Our audience was mesmerized by the film KAVI. The film maker, Gregg Helvey, weaves a tale that pulls everyone’s heartstrings. This compelling short awakens us to the harsh reality of abuse and urgently calls for an international effort to protect our children.” – Sedona International Film Festival

“Kavi is a touching, beautifully made film that audiences respond to. The acting is raw and honest.” – Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival.

“Kavi movingly translates its story of a young boy trapped in servitude in India into a universal message of the human spirit’s longing for freedom. Kavi’s story and its message resonated with Aspen’s festival audience members of all ages, as its garnering of Aspen Shortsfest 2010’s Youth Jury Prize indicates.” – Aspen Shortsfest

“Not only because we think as many people as possible should know about this topic, but also because of the gorgeous colourful production design, the great camera work and the editing, we decided to award KAVI by Gregg Helvey as Best Live Action Short Film.” – Lucasfilm, Germany

“…this movie has done a great service to highlight the dramatic and horrible conditions that face children and families in India.  Hopefully this will help bring further attention to the plight of our fellow human beings, and activate some sort of solution to this
heart wrenching problem.” – Cathy Code

“Kavi manages to draw attention to an ongoing social evil while still captivating the audience. From its well-crafted cinematography to its engaging storyline, Kavi belies its student film origins and presents a professional look that is worthy of its Academy Award nomination. We are proud to have presented this film to our festival attendees. It exemplifies the quality work that all festivals search for.” -Michael Helman, Festival Director -Williamsburg International Film Festival

“Kavi is a miracle – really like something by Satyajit Ray but with great urgency of purpose and extraordinary performances.”
-Rob Lemkin, Sundance-winning Director of Enemies of the People

“It takes prodigious talent to make a short film that grippingly captures the complex reality of slaves, today more numerous than ever before. Helvey has that talent and Kavi is that film.
-E. Benjamin Skinner, Senior Fellow, Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism and Author, A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery